The Great Valentine

The Previous World intended for the Celebration of the coming of SPRING, The PAIRING off of Women to Men and the great Religious Fertility RITUALS Performed to Stimulate Reproduction of Humans in the Natural World. Currently, we Celebrate FRIENDSHIP, LOVE, and ROMANCE. @¬†Epashikino Resort & Spa, We Accord you with The ULTIMATE Experience as you […]

Good Memories

Seize the Moment, life is an endless Deliciousness. Be strong, Join those you love, love well, create happily Memories and forgive anyone after Good Dining. Join us on this coming Valentine for a two days Experience and more Opportunities for all of us. Find out more on our Page. Reach out to us For inquiries(s) […]



When you Exceed cheerfulness you achieve Hospitality as a personality, equally important is the natural kindness, empathy, genuineness, graciousness, humor and the enjoyment of that reality creates the ultimate experience of comfort and importance. At Epashikino Resort & Spa we Welcome you for your Ultimate Experience. For updates on events and offers, Follow our Facebook […]

Happy Mashujaa Day

Mashujaa are those people who oversaw, underwent and endured the suffering either physically, emotionally or in form of finances in place of others to, completely change situations and positively impact on their livelihood. For Peace..For Independence..For Love.. yes forever!!.. We are calling out all our friends and families nationally to turn out in large numbers […]


Functional and Beautiful

When you come to a hotel room, you want it to be Grand, Functional and Beautiful. It is that time to feel royal, to ask for anything and everyone is at your service. That time to relax and unleash your deepest sense of humor, smile and feel the magic. It is Happiness. It is Epashikino, […]